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6 of the Worst Things That Can Happen to Your Carpet or Upholstery

You took great effort in choosing carpets & upholstery for your home or collection. You have checked your choices for authenticity. Now, you have the carpets that you've always wanted for your home. Each one has the right combination of pattern, color, and craftsmanship. Thus, you want them to last for generations. Making sure they do takes a lot of work.

No matter how durable and well-crafted they may be, carpets are prone to various household issues that can affect the fibers and colors of your carpets. Fortunately, Carpet Cleaning Channel View TX tells that these are preventable, and you don't need to check on your carpets round the clock.

Having said that, here are the 6 worst things that you should watch out for to make sure that your upholstery and carpets remain in perfect shape for as long as possible:

Water & moisture damage

Prolonged exposure to moisture or water is among the most damaging things for your carpets. While water is used for cleaning woolen carpets, it tends to attract insects. Too much water exposure can cause the carpet's underlying fibers to rot - regardless of material. Your carpets must be thoroughly dried after washing to make sure that no moisture is left.

Flower pot bases placed on top of a carpet can also cause serious damage. You also need to avoid placing a carpet near a sink or washing machine. When made to sit on a damp floor such as in a basement, the carpet will, over time, absorb moisture, and mildew will degrade the fibers. The condition is known as "dry rot". The foundation will crack when you try to roll or fold the carpet. When this happens, the carpet may be impossible to save.


Moth and carpet beetles may infest your carpets. They often get in from the outdoors and into your room, or from another area in your home where there is an infestation. Carpet beetles are reddish-brown, dark or blackish small insects that thrive on carpet fiber.

Seeing these insects in your home is a cause for alarm. The beetles and moths don't actually do the damage. It's their larvae that are most harmful. The insects lay eggs on all types of natural fibers like silk, wool, leather, and feathers. Hungry larvae start to do significant damage after hatching from eggs more so if something has been spilled on the carpet like a dairy product or sweet beverages.


Especially when they are very young, pets like puppies are prone to teething by chewing on whatever they can lay their paws on. Often, it is your carpet that is the unwilling victim. You can keep your carpets safe from puppies by sprinkling some moth flakes under the carpet. Puppies hate the aroma of moth flakes.

No matter how lovable your cat may seem, it can also cause major damage to your carpets, primarily from scratching using their sharp claws. It is hard to break your cat's scratching habit, but you must find a way to stop it to keep your carpets from further damage. Consult your vet if you are having difficulty stopping your cat's nasty habit.

Lack of house training in your pets can also be the culprit. Pet urine and droppings can be very damaging to your carpets, the dyes to be more specific, which can bleach. The bad smell from pet waste can also linger for a long time as the fibers will absorb it, making it quite difficult to completely remove.


Just as you are careful about getting your skin exposed too much to the sun, your carpets need the same care, too. Carpets made using all-natural dyes will soften under strong light, though it may not fade dramatically. But, those made with synthetic and cheap dyes may change or fade noticeably. Thus, it is important to keep your carpets away from prolonged exposure to the sun's ultraviolet rays, especially if they are placed near open windows.

Common spills

When you spill something on your carpet, make sure to clean it right away. This is because the carpet fibers will quickly absorb the liquid, and it may be difficult to remove once it has dried up. Blot the spill using a paper towel or a clean, dry cloth until the spill is completely cleaned up. Then allow the carpet to dry thoroughly. It may be more difficult to clean if you spilt coffee, juice, or even bubble gum. Call a carpet cleaning company if you find it difficult to remove the spill on your own.

Paint & chemical spills

Spilled paint on your carpet can be a serious problem. You may need help from professional cleaners to fix it. On your own, you can use a piece of plastic to scrape off as much paint as possible. Then, soak as much of the damaged area as possible with a clean white cloth or paper towels without rubbing. Having said this, it's a very tedious and time consuming, not to mention you could ruin your carpet or couch. It's best to leave this to the professionals!

If you need to solve any carpet or upholstery cleaning issues, feel free to contact us!


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