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Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning Services in Channelview TX

Putting cleaning technology to its best use is what we are dedicated to.

Taking Cleaning to a New Level

Professional upholstery cleaning services are essential in residential and commercial properties. Great cleaning combines highly trained and qualified technicians, who work with heavy duty machines, chemicals, and equipment to provide an integrated cleaning experience. What's even better is to work with local service providers, who work in your neighborhood every day.

Specialized and deep cleaning of your carpet, mattress, curtain, or sofas is a professional job. DIY cleaning might be low cost, but you risk permanent damage to the upholstery. The supplies used for cleaning may contain bleach, baking soda, vinegar, or some other harsh abrasive which only aggravates the situation, locking in stains and leaving lasting damage to your upholstered furniture or carpet. Each different fabric type has its own requirements (think about it like doing the laundry), and some are exceptionally delicate like silk; therefore, incomplete knowledge of how to clean a particular fabric may cause damage to the upholstery. Stain removers can be difficult to remove as well, if used in unusual amounts or left too long in the fibers. Even with good intentions, trained experts are the safe bet to prevent all such problems, so your upholstery is clean and fresh once again.

Professional Upholstery Cleaning

We provide first-class carpet cleaning services in Channelview TX under trained professionals with highly efficient equipment; services that can remove the deepest stain with a gentle touch, restoring your furniture for longer life before it will need to be replaced. We also provide a complete range of hygienic solutions, chemicals that are designed specifically for the job at hand. The full range of services we offer includes upholstery cleaning, with a customized cleaning option for each fabric type. The method for cleaning each fabric is different, and therefore, silk material cannot be treated in the same manner as leather. Professional cleaners have the knowledge to treat your upholstery with the care it deserves. The process of cleaning starts with pre-inspection; the surface of the couch or chair is first examined to understand the type of cleaning device and technique to be used. Here are the possible steps in our upholstery cleaning service:

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Step 1. Inspection

A thorough inspection determines the type of fabric, and this helps decide what cleaning method and solution would go best with the material.

Step 2. Vacuum (if required)

Before cleaning the upholstery, it is first vacuumed thoroughly to eliminate dry dirt and loose particles.

Step 3. Conditioning

Depending on the fabric, a unique solution mix is applied to emulsify soiling condition.

Step 4. Spot Treatment (if required)

Next step targets each spot one by one; each stubborn spot is treated to increase the chance of removal.

Step 5. Agitation

Gentle agitation allows the fabric to loosen its hold on the dirt.

Step 6. Rinsing and Extraction

This step rinses and removes the excess moisture, along with the dirt that caused the tough stains. This results in clean fabric that will dry quickly.

Step 7. Neutralizer and Bacterial Removal (if required)

In this step, the fabric is pH balanced for a softer and fresh feel, decomposed of bacterial elements.

Step 8. Post-Treatment Check

This step includes a final round of inspection with the customer, to review what has been done and make sure that the cleaning was satisfactory. The types of fabrics we are able to clean include: leather, polyester, olefin, rayon, wool, acetate, cotton, silk, acrylic, and linen.

  • Leather

    The most comfortable and natural fabric though expensive but equally durable. It ages well giving you more comfort over time and is slightly low on maintenance, but it needs cleaning and conditioning to keep it from drying out and becoming damaged.

  • Polyester

    One of the synthetic fabrics commonly used for upholstery purposes, low on maintenance, stain resistant, especially with darker colors, soft and comfortable.

  • Olefin

    Another type of synthetic fabric is petroleum-based synthetic fabric having substantial wearing capacity, so it is extremely durable. Olefin is made using melted plastic pellets, enhancing their water resistance but susceptible to heat, light, and oil.

  • Rayon

    A comparatively convenient choice for upholstery due to its great value and close resemblance to silk, cotton, and linen. Highly prone to scratches and wrinkles, thus making it less durable.

  • Wool

    An expensive sort of fabric but extensively durable and easy on cleaning. Wool blends are resistant to wrinkling, soiling, pilling, and fading. Wool is also fire resistant and environment-friendly.

  • Acetate

    A synthetic fabric replicating silk not exactly an excellent fabric choice for furniture, but it is cheap. It is also extensively dirt and scratch prone therefore less durable.

  • Cotton

    A ubiquitous fabric used for upholstery, extremely durable, adds texture to other fabrics and is somewhat less resistant to wrinkling and soiling also fading and wearing.

  • Silk

    An expensive option is yet worth each penny; it is a symbol of luxury and requires heavy maintenance. Not at all pets and children friendly.

  • Acrylic

    A type of fabric which makes it a perfect choice for outdoor furniture and when blended with other natural fabrics, it achieves more durability. It is inexpensive and imitates wool.

  • Linen

    This one undoubtedly looks fabulous and is also affordable but needs professional care to avoid shrinkage.

All these fabrics are used for upholstery, and one can use any over a piece of furniture as per preference knowing which can serve the purpose best.

Mattress Cleaning

Your mattress is made up of several layers enhancing the support and comfort of your mattress. Some mattresses have a removable cover option for easy cleaning, some cover types are dry-cleaned only. Mattresses are designed in a manner to absorb moisture and can also store heat, providing comfort while you sleep. They are often hypoallergenic and breathable. But over time, your mattress accumulates dust and bacteria which needs professional care one who knows how to go by each layer. Mattress cleaning restores your mattress and remove allergens, dust, bacteria, stains, and odors, making it clean. For this purpose, the professionals use heavy duty vacuum cleaner which removes allergens. They also use specialized steam cleaning to clean old stains and deodorize your mattress. They also have advanced and integrated cleaning equipment, and antibacterial verified chemical solutions that disinfect the surface area which undoubtedly targets the purpose without damaging the upholstery.

Each type of Mattress needs a unique and specific type of fixing for instance:

  1. Memory Foam

    This particular type of mattress provides excellent support and comfort because while you sleep, it conforms to your body. With its efficiency support, the mattress also confines to multilayer system, which requires attention to eliminate slagging and deposition of debris.

  2. Innerspring

    This mattress uses an internal metal support springs system which also determines how well the mattress conforms to your body. With time the quality of the spring gets affected.

  3. Somnigel

    A smart gel mattress technology where the gel is usually added to the upholstery layer. Gel mattresses absorb your body heat, making it effectively cooler than other mattress types.

  4. Latex Mattresses

    Unlike memory foam, this one uses latex. They are made from more natural materials, whereas memory foam comprises of synthetic materials. These mattresses offer more firmness and plushness.

  5. Pillow Tops

    These mattresses have an additional layer of upholstery, unlike gel and memory foam mattresses. They are soft and cushiony, allowing a similar sinking feeling like a memory foam mattress, it keeps your back in comfort.

Pet Stains and Odor Removal

Every household nowadays feels complete with a loving pet in their house. Cats and dogs might be your best friends, but not your furniture's. Pet accidents are inevitable. Pet stains and odor can become frustrating as it can sometimes be challenging to find the source of the stink. Pets also tend to return to the same spot over and over again, rendering your house very unsanitary, and making your rugs, carpets, and upholstery a breeding ground for bacteria. This can lead to infections, allergies, and other health related issues in your family.

The market is filled with a host of products branding highly effective claims as to fighting stains and odor issues. Undoubtedly that comes in handy as long as it is used correctly, but once in a while, you must look out for an alternate specialized option that not only ensures cleaning of the stains but also rectify the deeper contamination of harmful bacteria which with time penetrates deep within.

Regardless of however stubborn the stains may be or how pungent the odor is; our team of highly trained professionals ensures that your home will be completely decontaminated. After careful examination of your mattresses and rugs, our professionals then apply protein digesting chemicals, with the help of which the protein in the urine breaks down. This process ensures complete elimination of the bacteria, which helps in thorough removal of any stains and odors, making your home safe and healthy again.

Our team is also expert in a variety of techniques which help in eliminating lingering odors that make your home unhealthy and uncomfortable to live in. Whether it is pet odor, smoke odor, or mold odor, we are specialized in dealing and eliminating them from the source.

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