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The Most Important Things to Know about Your Carpet Cleaning Service Provider

Carpets provide your home a nice, elegant look. But, this can only happen if you keep your carpets clean and looking new at all times. In fact, a new carpet will always enhance the look of a room - no matter how plain and simple the area is. That is why as a carpet owner, you need to make sure that your carpets are well maintained.

Things to Know about Your Prospective Carpet Cleaning Company

Here you'll find the important things you need to know about professional carpet cleaning service providers and how to spot the right one to work with:

Industry Certifications and Training - It is important to know the different types of training that your prospective provider's technicians have undergone. These include certificates in carpet cleaning, rug cleaning, upholstery & fabric cleaning, water damage restoration and carpet repair & re-installation.

The training must be sanctioned by the regulating authority in the carpet cleaning and restoration industry. Being certified means your service provider has the right skills, equipment, and manpower for the type of service you need.

Experience and Customer Reviews - Superior skills and techniques, as well as excellent customer service do not only come from education. Experience contributes a lot as well. Thus, you need to find out how long the carpet cleaning service provider has been in business. Check out their social media sites, as well as search engines and review sites for customer feedback.

You can also ask your relatives and friends who may have hired the services of the company in the past. While you may hear about a bad review or two, it doesn't automatically mean that you should avoid the company. Yes, a lot of poor ratings should be seen as a red flag. But, you need to find out the reason for the bad reviews, which may not be the company's fault, after all.

If very little information is available online, you can ask the company directly for references. They should be willing to comply promptly, especially if they have nothing to hide.

Insurance and Licenses - In many communities, a lot of small cleaning service providers come and go at a rapid pace. Ask your shortlisted company if they have the required licenses to operate in your area. Local government websites should also prove helpful.

The cleaning company must also have the necessary liability or workman's compensation insurance cover for the services they provide. It is also advisable to find out if the company performs background checks on their staff prior to hiring.

  • Pricing - You know what they say, if something seems too good to be true, then it probably is. This applies to carpet cleaning prices as well. Ideally, you should get what you pay for. However the price must not be your main consideration for picking a specific carpet cleaning company. You should read the fine print, especially on their promo offers and advertised specials.
  • Carpet Cleaning Methods - According to the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, & Restoration Certification (IICRC), there are 5 main carpet cleaning principles. These are:
    1. Dry Soil Removal - Dry soil lodged in carpet fibers are removed through vacuuming.
    2. Soil Suspension - This involves applying proper pre-treatment agents to first loosen soil from the carpet fibers.
    3. Soil Extraction - The hot water extraction method, aka steam cleaning, is the most prevalent soil removal method.
    4. Grooming - Carpet grooming helps get rid of carpet matting, as well as properly distributing the cleaning agents.
    5. Drying - Under normal humidity and temperature, it shouldn't take 24 hours for a carpet to dry. The use of ceiling fans and air movers can help speed up the process. Ideally, a carpet should dry up anywhere between 6 and 8 hours.

At the very least, an experienced carpet cleaning service provider follows these steps on all their cleaning jobs.

Other Important Questions to Ask Your Carpet Cleaner

What's included in your cleaning service?

Carpet cleaning must include the 5 carpet cleaning principles listed above.

Does the quoted price come with specialty treatments?

Specialty treatments include enzymes for pet stain removal, treatment for high traffic areas, and application of carpet protection. Many companies provide these at an extra cost.

Will you be moving my furniture?

Typically, the moving of furniture isn't part of the carpet cleaning package, but you can specifically ask for it.

Will you end the cleaning process with a neutral or low pH treatment?

A lot of carpet cleaners use solutions with high pH levels on carpets. While they are effective, it can turn your carpet into a dirt magnet that will easily soil. This can shorten the useful life of your carpet. If the company uses it, ask if they can neutralize or lower the carpet's pH after the cleaning to keep it clean for a longer time.

Does your work come with a guarantee, and for how long?

The company should be willing to offer a guarantee. After all, stains and other issues may recur. Thus, you need to know all your options if this happens.


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